Deliverability Days Wrap Up + Fabulous Marketing Finds from Around the Web: 9/23/2010

Holy Deliverability Days, Batman!

It’s been an awesome week for best practices and deliverability this week at Topica, and I hope you enjoyed our 3-part guest blog by Andrei, our Deliverability/Policy & Standards Manger. Here’s what you missed in case you haven’t check in this week:

Part 1: How Spam Filters Work

Part 2: What is my External Reputation?

Part 3: Improving Open Rates, Minimizing Bounces

Andrei also hosts a weekly Deliverability Webinar every Wednesday at 2pm EST to answer all of your burning deliverability/best practices questions and also to keep you up to date on the latest trends in this field. To sign up for the next webinar on Wednesday, September 29 click here.

On to our fabulous marketing finds from around the web this week!

10 steps for a great welcome email series We already know the value of a positive first impression when meeting someone in person, so why wouldn’t it be the same for your email marketing? Make sure you’re following these 10 tips by Ross Kramer from iMedia Connection to make the most of your welcome emails to your subscribers.

Why Social Supports Email in the Interactive Marketing Hub I do a little happy dance in my office chair when I see blog posts like this one by Jay Baer on his Convince & Convert blog that point to how social and email are not mutually exclusive, and need to work hand-in-hand in order to be beneficial for your company.

Email Must Embrace Its Inner Lady Gaga Another reason for a happy dance! I love me some Lady Gaga references, and especially when they tie into email marketing. In this post on Email Insider blog, learn how to make your email marketing an up to date show-stopper while channeling you inner “little monster”.

They Preheaded Thataway The images in your email newsletter rock, but what about your header information that many subscribers will see before they download the images? Follow these tips from Sherry Chiger on the Big Fat Marketing Blog to get the most out of your preheaders.

Three Concepts Email Marketers Can Learn from the NFL and Fantasy Football Football is back! And although my team (the Cleveland Browns) aren’t off to the best start, I can still cheer about this post on the Scott Writes Everything blog about what we can learn from the NFL to apply to email marketing.

Influence the Influencers: 5 Tactics to Generate Demand Finding your key audience is hard enough, but what about those people that are influencing that audience? In this post on Marketing Sherpa, discover 5 tactics to successfully swaying the influencers to your brand.

Guest Post: How Google Instant Can Help (And Hurt) SEO Yep, Google Instant is here to stay- so get the low down on the good, the bad, and suggestions to make it work for you in this post on the TechCrunch blog.

Once you’ve optimized your email, what else can you do? Mark Brownlow of Email Marketing Reports examines key strategies that can help you engage your email subscriber audience better with an in-depth look at improving the value and content of your newsletters.

Happy Emailing,


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  1. Thanks! I’m all about the delivery of happy dances!

  2. Sure thing- thanks for reading! We’re big fans of your blog, thank for sharing your SEO and email marketing insight.



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  4. the email marketing insight provided in this site is truly priceless.

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