Fabulous Marketing Finds from Around the Web: 1/28/2011

Happy Friday, blog readers- and welcome to the weekend!

In between following the riots in Egypt and the feedback from the State of the Union address there’s been some great marketing posts this week you may have missed. So let’s dive right in…

Lead Generation Optimization: 7 ‘must-haves’ to improve your campaign planning process You may think better creative can improve the lead generation of your next campaign, but Marketing Sherpa argues that its actually your planning process that could be holding you back.

3 Ways to Tell a Social Media Problem From a Crisis Are you prepared for a social media crisis if one should arise? Jay Baer breaks down on his Convince & Convert blog what constitutes as a crisis, how you can respond to both problems and crises effectively.

5 Tips for Better Results with Mobile Email Marketing You already know more and more of your subscribers are reading your newsletters on mobile devices, but have you taken the necessary steps to make sure you’ll get the best results on the mobile platform? Check out these 5 tips from Copyblogger.

Timing an Email Marketing Campaign with Bad Weather Read this post by Marketing Vox on why you should be checking the weather report for your next email campaign so you’ll be prepared as a marketer next time the East Coast gets pounded by a snow (and everyone is stuck indoors).

SEO Not Working For You? Here’s Why. Before you throw in the towel on your SEO efforts, make sure you’re not making these 6 mistakes defined in the Outspoken Media blog.

5 Tips for Individuals to Help Companies Get More Out of LinkedIn As of January 2011, LinkedIn has over 90 million users- are you harnessing this power for your business? Here are 5 tips from the Top Rank Marketing blog on how to use LinkedIn for your brand.

How Uncoordinated Emails Can Kill Off B2B Prospects The folks at MarketingProfs show how uncoordinated campaigns across different departments at a company can cause your leads to be turned off by your brand.

Part 2: What B2B Email Marketers Can Learn From B2C Email Marketers In this second installment on the In the Know blog, learn three tactics to take away from B2C marketers that you can implement in your B2B marketing.

Five Simple Tips to Enhance Deliverability Straight from Email Yogi, get their 5 recommendations to help increase your email campaign deliverability.

And here are Topica’s blog posts from the week:

Email Marketing Tip #34: Decreasing Sign-up Anxiety for your Website Visitors Worries of over-sending or sending junk can prevent your website visitors from giving you their email address. Learn how to squash this anxiety and follow best practices in this week’s email marketing tip.

“What’s Your Deliverability Like?” This question asked most often by potential clients searching for an email marketing service provider unfortunately has a lot of determinants. Find out why in this post.

Happy emailing!


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