Email Marketing 101: More Info on Color and Why I Was Wrong

It takes a strong person to admit they’re wrong- so it’s no wonder I hold the office record for most push-ups in a minute*. ;)

You may remember a Topica blog post from back in October on basic color principles and how we as email marketers can use them to enhance our campaigns. It’s been one of our most popular blog posts to date, and thanks to Jason Cohen and his recent post Color Wheels are wrong? How color vision actually works on the a smart bear blog we can expand on it- and learn why I was (sort of) wrong.

In this in depth look at the color wheel Jason explains how the typical artist, printing, and light color wheels all differ from one another, and by looking at physiology we can come up with the “right” color wheel as well as understand how our brain perceives color. Also, as an added bonus, he included some great “brain benders” at the end on how color placement can trick your mind in to thinking a color is different than it really is. My favorite- the gray checkerboard and cylinder figure at the bottom with the A and B squares, which I found  really are the same color after dragging the image into Adobe Illustrator (if you squint at it you can also see the A and B squares are the same color).

You can read the entire article by Jason Cohen here– enjoy!

Happy Emailing,


*Granted the only one in the office who has accepted my push-up challenge has been the Topica Seal, and you’ve seen his flippers!

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