Top Ways to Grow Your Email List via MarketingSherpa

One of the most frequent questions we receive from our clients is asking for tips on how they can grow their email list. List growth is huge for email marketers, and growth of engaged subscribers is especially key. So what are the best ways to do this, without trashing your reputation or list quality? MarketingSherpa recently published this amazing chart on their blog taken from MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report on the most successful ways email marketers have increased their list size. Here are some tips on the top 5:

From MarketingSherpa’s 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report at

Registration during purchase. A customer buying one of your products is already interested in your brand and merchandise, so its no surprise that this is the top list growth tactic. Make sure you have a signup form prominently placed during your purchase process, but don’t be sneaky and pre-check the box to signup for your emails. This can lead to higher complaints, backlash, and is overall against best practices.

Online events. If you are holding a webinar, roundtable or online discussion you are probably already capturing email addresses for your registrants. Therefore, give them the option to also be added to your email marketing newsletters during this process as an easy approach. However, don’t just automatically add registrants to your email marketing list. These people signed up for your online event- don’t ruin that relationship by opting them in to something they have not requested.

Website registration page. Hopefully you already have a newsletter signup form on your website, but here is another great reason to as its the third highest list growth tactic. Go a step further and place it on most if not all the pages on your website. Keep it in one consistent place, like the upper right corner, to remind your website visitors to subscribe.

Paid search. Paying for sponsored advertisements in search engines (such as Google Adwords) is the fourth mot successful way email marketers have found to grow their lists. Instead of driving traffic to your website with these ads, be more specific and link it to your newsletter signup. This can also help you stand out from your competitors who may just be linking to their homepage and see visitors only spend a short time on their website.

Offline events. Rounding out the top five are offline events such as in-store signups, trade shows, festivals, networking events, etc. Where ever you take your brand make sure to bring along a signup sheet for interested people to signup for your newsletter. Have your employees and colleagues encourage everyone they interact with to signup for your fabulous newsletter to keep in contact with your brand and receive updates.

Thanks again to MarketingSherpa for compiling this information, and you can discover more ways to grow your email marketing list by downloading our aptly titled whitepaper 101 Ways to Grow Your Email List in our Resource Library!

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